Greeley intersects Midtown

Greeley intersects Midtown

So there I was, walking down 6th avenue after a very quick NYC-style lunch with a friend who works in finance (I know, I know), and I’m telling him about the history of my new town Greeley, CO, and he looks up and says, “Wow! Greeley Square!” Now, I was aware of this spot, but hadn’t really thought to capture it in a photo. However, the re-launch of my blog demanded a photo. Here it is! (That’s the Empire State in the far background, for you non-Manhattanites.)

The story I was telling my friend is that Horace Greeley himself was disillusioned by the landscape of Northern Colorado. Thus, he left it up to a guy in his employ named Nathan Meeker to take charge of making sure his NYC-style grid laid bare on the front range turned into a town. Greeley bailed, returned home to NYC, and according to the great authoritative text, the tome of 19th century NYC history, the best musical on Broadway and recent winner of the Tony for choreography, Newsies, he died. I wondered why Greeley (the town) wasn’t called Meeker. I mean, give credit where it’s due, right? Well, the people thought “meek” and WESTWARD EXPANSION didn’t fit too well, so there we go. A newspaper mogul gets credit for a town through which he blew like a tumbleweed.

I’m gonna get me a tumbleweed as an ottoman.


Author: sarahcornish

Assistant Professor at the University of Northern Colorado. Working in 20th century American and British Literature + Digital Humanities, Psychogeography, Urban, Film, Gender Studies.

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