“Go West, young woman!” –Horace Greeley

I’m about to leave the big city for the wide open sky of the Front Range to join the English Department as Assistant Professor of 20th c Brit Lit at the University of Northern Colorado. It’s time to change the function of this blog, which previously served as a clinical method of showing search committees that I know how to blog, but it didn’t have very much fun stuff on it as I was very aware of my highly critical audience. Now that I have a wonderful group of people looking forward to my coming to Greeley, CO, people who want to get to know me, my blog will serve as an exploratory space for me to post my musings about how changing one’s geographical orientation affects oneself. From Brooklyn to Greeley means big changes. Look forward to wide ranging topics from teaching reflections to walking meditations, high altitude cooking debacles, to yoga adventures (I envision a photo of me in side crow on a cliff edge posted here sometime soon). I’m embracing it all!

And for all those wonderful people I leave behind, you can check in on me here, or just give me a call. I’ll never be too westward facing not to be able to shift my gaze back to my homeland of Brooklyn.